Best books to read to the kids this Christmas

Dec 12, 2019FAMILY

Best books to read to the kids this Christmas


One of my favourite times of the day is snuggling up to read a short story to my 5 year old. We’ve tested out quite a selection over the past couple of weeks so thought you might like some suggestions of some of the best books to read to the kids this Christmas around! I’d say all the books are good to read out loud to children aged about 3 to 7 years old.


The Twelve Dogs Of Christmas by Alison Ritchie & Marisa Morea


This rhyming book begins with one puppy who’s excited for Christmas and counts up to twelve with different breeds of dogs with every turn of the page. Chaos descends, will everything be ready in time for Christmas? Thankfully yes!

A nice short read and easy to understand for the little ones. Perfect for kids who love dogs & counting. Blue loves both so he really enjoyed this one. Our verdict: 7/10

One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth


A charming story by the author of Percy the Park Keeper with beautiful illustrations. Kind Percy is cosy in his hut on a cold snowy evening when there’s a knock at the door. Cold animal’s call on him until they’re struggling to find room to sleep. 

This is such a heartwarming classic that suits all ages. Blue brought this one home from school & I’m glad he did because we both loved it. Our verdict: 9/10

Oh, Christmas Tree by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet


There’s an adventurous Christmas tree at no.34 who wants to do anything apart from stay still and be a Christmas tree! The decorations chase her until they have to get creative to get her to do her job.

This rhyming book is hilarious and I only mark it down because I had to briefly explain the ending to Blue. It’s colourful and well written and Sue & Paul are joining Julia Donaldson as our new faves! Perfect for 6 or 7 year olds. Our verdict: 9/10

Santasaurus by Niamh Sharkey


It’s Christmas in Dinosaur town and three little dinos are hoping that they’ll receive the gifts they each wish for. When Milo catches Santasaurus delievering to their home, one lucky dino goes on an adventure helping deliver presents to all the dino-children in Dinosaur world.

This is a magical book, ideal for the little ones but my 5 year old really enjoyed it. Perfect for little dinosaur lovers. Our verdict: 7/10

The Jolly Christmas Postman by Janet & Allan Ahlberg


It’s Christmas Eve and the Jolly Postman is delivering greetings to everyone’s favourite fairy-tale characters. In this story we take the journey with him to meet Red Riding Hood, The Gingerbread boy and other favourites, making friends along the way. There’s interactive letters for your child to open at every stop, making for a magical & memorable experience of a book.

My 5 year old can sometimes be a fidget-pants when reading a story so this one was awesome to get him fully involved, finding ‘presents’ in the ‘letter’ pockets throughout the book. Well worth the 8 quid I spent on Amazon! Our verdict: 10/10

Snowball by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet


This book is a delightful tale of a lonely snowball who decides to travel down the hill to the town below to make some friends. After he trips on a twig he tumbles picking up an array of random things on his way down.

Blue really enjoyed this book and said it was funny. It was just the right length for me before bedtime. Our verdict: 7/10

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer by Barbara Shook Hazen


This is my oldie-but-a-goodie choice that my mum found in her loft for us. This classic tells the tale of Rudolph, the shy reindeer who was ashamed of this glowing red nose and shunned by the other reindeer. When Santa needs a light to guide the Sleigh’s way through the night, Rudolph finally finds the courage to come forward and is made head reindeer!

I may be biased as I remember this beloved worn book from my childhood but Blue loved it too making it extra special to enjoy with him. A lovely book for all ages. This and similar versions can be picked up on Ebay for a few pounds. Our verdict: 9/10

Pick A Pine Tree by Patricia Toht & Jarvis


This rhythmic book tells the story of getting and decorating a real tree at Christmas. Full of warm retro illustrations & the excitement of being with family for the festive season; From digging out jam-packed boxes of trimmings and hanging tinsel, to turning on those twinkly fairy lights.

This is such a lovely book, ideal for building excitement in the kids in the run up to Christmas. Blue was tentative throughout and it gave us both the festive feels. Our verdict: 7/10

Rudey’s Windy Christmas by Helen Baugh & Ben Mantle


Rudey the reindeer has eaten too many sprouts and the explosive effects are smelt all around the world as he helps Santa deliever presents on Christmas Eve. Hilarity ensues for the other reindeer (and the reader!), as Rudey apologises his way through the journey whilst thinking up a multitude of ways to say ‘fart’! 

If your child is anything like my 5 year old, they will be giggling away as they hear you read about stinky pumps. Our favourite line was ‘That really was a ripper from my poor old bottom flute’, that should give you an idea of the level of humour! Our verdict: 8/10

Final Thought – Best books to read to the kids this Christmas


Overall, you cannot go wrong with The Jolly Christmas Postman as a gift or to read to children of all ages. But honestly, I would recommend every single one of these books to read to the kids on the run up to Christmas.

I intend to add more books to the list in 2020 when Blue will be 6 years old. Do you have any favourites that I’ve left out?

Thanks for reading, Tiffany xx