Emotive maternity photoshoot in Northamptonshire

Nov 14, 2019MATERNITY

An emotive maternity photoshoot in Northamptonshire 


I recently visited this lovely couple at their new home in Rushden to celebrate and document their pregnancy. As much as I love outdoor light, I’m always so pleased when my client’s are open to have their maternity photoshoot in the comfort of their own home. It means clients can relax, have anything they need to hand and their images are sure to be especially meaningful for years to come.


The plan for a successful bump shoot


Holly was lovely and organised and booked her session in well in advance for just over 32 weeks. This meant that her bump was a lovely size but she wasn’t yet too uncomforable to curl up next to Dan or arch her back to show it off for her photos.

We got to know each other a little at our pre-shoot meeting and it soon became apparent to me that these guys were super laid-back and up for all suggestions. Meeting at their home was handy as they live nearby and  I could check out the light in their home in person too while I was there. I’m so thankful for their complete trust in my artistic intent because it meant I could be as creative as possible and create some honest magic for them.

On the lead up to our session we discussed the importance of clothing choices and after some guidance on co-ordination, Holly sent me photos of their options laid out together. I always encourage my mamas to share, share, share so we can ensure they’ll look and feel their best on the day, I love this part of the process. By the time we were finished we had two looks that were relaxed yet gorgeous to present Baby B authentically to the camera.

A relaxed photography experience


I only ever book in one session on any given day so I can be truely present and focused on my clients during our session. We chatted as I checked my settings and took some test shots and we eased into shooting. I always say we will all feel nervous to begin with but after five minutes my relaxed style does it’s thing and everyone settles into it and then they actually find themselves enjoying it…Yes, I swear, even the men!

Poor Holly had a bad case of anaemia in pregnancy so we took our time and had some breaks for rest, drinks and snacks. She was such a star…And actually a cuppa (of squash rather than coffee, not all is as it seems! ;D) was a welcome prop for a portion of the session.

I loved the directional light their home supplied us with. When you have one window in a room it makes for the most gorgeous, dramatic light for images and helps to create truly emotive images; proving that you don’t need a huge bright house with tons of light to take your photoshoot indoors. It was miserable outside on the day of this session but we were toasty cosy inside. I was feeling a little downhearted about the end of summer but returning to in-home light has saved the day, it’s my new favourite at the moment. Do your worst, Winter! ;P

An emotional Reveal


A week and a half later we were back together for our Reveal & Ordering Session. I could feel Holly & Dan were tense to see the results so we got straight to showing them their reveal slideshow. Thankfully they were over the moon and Holly’s intense tears of joy is now one of my favourite reveal moments of all time. I’ve grown so very fond of these guys and I cannot wait to meet baby for our newborn lifestyle session.

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