Mother Earth River Session | Northamptonshire Boudoir Photography

Aug 26, 2017BOUDOIR

Welcome to my first blog post! I dedicate this to my dearest friend, who still surprises me after years of friendship. I’m so grateful for her constant support and inspiration and the ability to make me laugh without even trying. This gallery is testimony to how amazing and beautiful she is.
I adore photographing families and children but after recently getting to shoot creatively with some awesome women and couples I’ve realised I enjoy working with adults just as much! Even if they do think I’m slightly insane when I ask them to ‘nurse the branch’, ‘smell her ear’ or other bizarre prompts, its all worth it when they see their images and realise there’s method behind the madness.

These emotional storytelling sessions are designed to empower women by connecting with nature and getting back to basics. Contact me for details if you want to release your inner goddess.

If you are interested in an emotive portrait session just drop me an email on [email protected] or give me a call on 07984 197 899

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to sharing much more in the future.

Tiffany xx