Natural family photoshoot in Bedfordshire | Baulk Wood

Jul 29, 2018FAMILY

An outdoor natural family photoshoot in Bedfordshire

As a family photographer based in Rushden, I’m in a great bordering location to cover Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire. I love to take a drive through our beautiful rural countryside to visit families and traveling for hour or so is all part of my service. This sweet family wanted a natural family photoshoot near their home in central Bedfordshire to really capture the essence of their daughter’s personality and do their love for each other justice. So that is what we did…and then some!

The perfect setting

Leading up to the day of this recent shoot, I took a drive or two down to central Bedfordshire to scout for the ideal location which is critical part of the journey to gorgeous photos. Just another part of my job that I adore! I found so much beauty in rural Bedfordshire. Ampthill, Shefford, Biggleswade and all the pretty villages in between took my breath away and we decided on this stunning little spot by Baulk Wood. With it’s maze-like meadow walk and fun animal sculptures, it just seemed right for my little family.

A family’s love in pictures

Emotional connections in photographs are my jam. A child’s hand gently nestled on her mum’s arm, a parent intently brushing stray hair from her little one’s face or the adoration on a father’s face when his gaze rests on his family; these things are why I love family photography with the intensity that I do. So as I got to know this sweet family during our correspondence & pre-photo shoot planning meeting it became apparent that this is the perfect client for me…and I hope they agree, I am the perfect photographer for them! Their affection for each other is simply contagious.

Splashing fun in the stream

Apart from their evident love for each other, what enchanted me the most was this little girl’s love for life. Her character shined through during our time together as you can see. The stream that runs along the edge of the meadow filled her little face with joy and she immediately got stuck in. Dad looked on safely from the bank and when even mum couldn’t bare the cold water on her feet anymore, this babe decided to plunge her bum into the water. Luckily mum had a back-up outfit on hand!

Forever memories

When I showed them their slideshow at their reveal & order session, mum cried happy tears and my heart filled with fondness and pride. This love is the purest & fiercest and deserved to be documented, I’m so honoured that it was me that got to do it.

My clients know the importance of displaying their artwork in their homes. This family’s framed gift prints will take pride of place in their living room so whenever they look at them they will be filled with the emotion of the day and pride for their special girl.

If you would love a natural family photoshoot in Bedfordshire or Northamptonshire to document your family’s love please do get in touch for a chat, I’d love to hear from you. Call or text on 07984 197 899 or email me at [email protected]

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