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Nov 5, 2019NEWBORN

A natural newborn photography session at home near Market Harborough

I travelled to a village in South Leicestershire earlier this year to visit the sweetest of families to document some precious early memories with their beautiful baby girl. First time parents like Sophie and Lloyd, who appreciate the importance of family photos are a dream for me to photograph and it was such an honour to be welcomed so wholeheartedly into their cosy home near Market Harborough.

Remembering those early breastfeeding days

Those first dreamy days of non-stop feeds feel like they’ll go on forever but deep down we know it’s just a fleeting phase that will soon become a distant memory. I always give my clients the option to shoot through feeds, whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, and in this case I was lucky enough to document it all so this mama will forever remember how that connection felt. I love to capture mum gazing lovingly at her babe and those little eyes getting heavier until they fall into blissful slumber in loving arms. 

A doting dad’s story needs to be told too

There’s something so heartwarming about a fully present dad who’s beaming with pride for his beautiful child and for the woman who brought their baby into the world too. I feel when a man witnesses what strength it takes to bring a child into the world, they develop a renewed sense of respect and awe for his partner. It was the same for me and my husband; We couldn’t agree on names during both pregnancy but after going through the trauma of birth, he held his hands up and said the choice was mine! Wayne is obviously head over heels and had Sophie giggling throughout, their laid-back relationship was evident in their final photographs. It’s so important to me to capture these honest inbetween moments during newborn sessions.

Relax and tend to your baby as usual

My natural and laid back style of shooting means you don’t need to worry about putting life on hold for a photoshoot. I love getting to know my clients while they do what they might be doing anyway; rocking, singing a lullaby, cuddles and even smelly nappy changes are all part and parcel…although I promise to do so tastefully! Just give me all the tiny toes, baby wrinkles and eyelashes and I’m happy; I adore photographing those little details for you.

 Forever memories

When I showed them their slideshow at their reveal & order session, mum cried happy tears, dad beamed and my heart filled with fondness and gratitude for this shared experience. This little family’s love is the purest & fiercest and deserved to be documented, I’m so honoured that it was me that got to do it. 

My clients know the importance of displaying their artwork in their homes. I’m so happy to know this family’s framed gift prints will take pride of place in their living room so whenever they look at them they will be filled with the emotion of those early days and pride for their special girl.

If you would love a natural newborn photography session in Market Harborough or Northamptonshire or any of it’s landlocked counties to document this precious time please do get in touch for a chat, I’d love to hear from you. Call or text on 07984 197 899 or email me at [email protected]

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