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Nov 21, 2017FAMILY

Family photoshoot fun at Castle Ashby Gardens

The gardens at Castle Ashby is undoubtedly one of the most magical locations to enjoy a family photoshoot in Northamptonshire. Besides it’s year round florals and enchanting orangery there’s much more to keep the children entertained. In addition, there’s the stunning Italian gardens and butterfly gardens and even a menagerie full of cute meerkats and marmosets. It’s well worth the entrance fee if, for example, we take our photoshoot in the morning then you go on to make a day of it!
Some family photo shoots just run smoothly. The sun will shine just the right amount, everyone will be loving each other up at every given opportunity and nobody will even notice the camera because they’re too busy gazing lovingly at each other. This was not one of those times.
When we set off into the beautiful grounds of Castle Ashby Gardens we all thought this will be a doddle; We just so happen to be friends so we are already familiar with each other and these kids are some of the happiest and well behaved I know. However, suddenly one little monkey decided she didn’t know (or like!) me at all after all and made it well known that she definitely didn’t appreciate my camera pointing in her direction. This was followed by sulks, bribery and even tears until Mum thought we may have to cancel. Anyway, thankfully Dad cheered her up and finally she could join in the fun. But that wasn’t even the end of it. During the session, the elder monkey decided not to cooperate, the four cousins squabbled and there was a very minor injury.
Crikey, they made me work for it. BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way!! Because the tiffs were outweighed tenfold by loving glances, playing together with joy in their faces, hugs from Mum, Dad and Nanny to make it all better and tender moments to warm the coldest of hearts <3
THIS is real life! These are the family moments you will look back on with your heart full of love. All the emotions captured during our walk tell a story of a family that love each other dearly and have a beautiful (and often hilarious!)  relationship with each other.
So if you are delaying booking a lifestyle photo shoot for fear your children will misbehave, don’t waste any more time! I have workarounds, I take my time so you all get used to the camera and actually those sweet cuddles whilst taking a moment out make the best photographs of all!

I wholeheartedly believe every family’s unique love is imperfectly perfect and should be documented. If you’re thinking about having a relaxed family photoshoot please email me on [email protected] or give me a call on 07984 197 899 for a no obligation chat.

Thanks for reading.

Tiffany xx


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