Virtual Newborn Photoshoots

Nov 8, 2020NEWBORN

Virtual newborn photoshoots based in Northamptonshire UK


You’ve been super cautious since the beginning of the pandemic, preferring to stay in your sleepy bubble and keep your baby safe at home. You always planned to have professional photos of your family when your newborn arrived but now just don’t want to run the risk of inviting a photographer into your home or paying a visit to a studio. What if there was a way to get lovely photos from the safety of your home without being around a single new person?

Introducing Virtual Photoshoots


Virtual photoshoots are held online either on FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom so don’t require in person interaction. You can get beautiful photos of your baby afterall! All you need is an internet connection & 2 phones or a camera and a phone.

Let’s get planning


On the days leading up to our call we’ll chat via messages about what to expect, rooms to use and what to wear. I’ll help you all the way to coordinate your family’s outfits to look your best.

What to expect during a virtual photoshoot


I’ll use my expertise to direct you through an hour long session to produce photos worthy of introducing your bundle of perfection to the world. You’ll be guided into several poses in the best light available and direct you to get all the good angles. We’ll get creative together and even get some emotive shots of you all together.


After our meeting, send the photos to me and I’ll select & edit 5 or more of them for maximum impact. Over the next couple of days you’ll receive your retouched images back, ready to make your family & friends swoon.


These sessions are currently at an introductory fee of £50.


Fancy a bit of fun and creativity with resulting lovely photos of your baby being held and loved by you? Get in touch for availability.

Are you thinking about booking a virtual newborn photo shoot?


If you’d like to go over any questions or go ahead and book your virtual photo shoot, I’d love to hear all about you!